Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Thinking of Mom...

It was three years on Mother's Day since my Mom became an angel.  It was also almost three years since Bill's Mom became an angel.  She passed away 6 months after my Mom did.  Mother's Day was quiet for the most part at our home.  We placed an angel on Bill's Mom's grave.  I had sent home an angel for my daughter to place on my Mom's grave last month.  She is buried in Ohio.  I haven't been able to go back there since the funeral.  Hopefully soon!

A graphic I found on the internet which I added my Mom's picture to.  I do sure miss her.
I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day!  I did receive the most wonderful gift.  I opened an envelope from my oldest daughter that lives in Florida.  She had enclosed a small piece of paper.  On that paper my Mom had written years ago a poem that she had volunteered myself, her and my three daughters to recite at a Mother Day's banquet.  It was wonderful to read the poem again in my Mom's handwriting. 

The last couple days here have consisted of covering and uncovering all our flowers and vegetables.  I had thought I would get a jump on gardening this year as it has been just beautiful out.  I should of known better.  Frost and freezing temps these last couple days.  That will  teach me.   Hopefully after last night's cold temps that beautiful warm weather will return.  Has it been cold where you live?

I can't wait to see vegetable  blooms again in the garden. This is a Lima bean bloom from a previous year in my garden.

Have a wonderful week!
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