Sunday, April 29, 2012

Now...where do I put all these treasures?

With the nicer weather comes garage and estate sales.  Yeah!  Bill (my partner in crime) and I went to a few these past couple weekends.  Now to fix up what I've bought and find a place to put everything.  I'm thinking I might need to add on. ;)

I hope you enjoy seeing what new treasures we've found.  Get yourself a Coke and sit back a spell as there are a few pictures. (sigh...garage/estate sale fever I'm afraid) ;)

I love the hand turned mortar and pestle.  They are heavy!  I couldn't resist the two wooden mallets.

 I loved this wooden level.  Even if one of the levels was missing I still wanted it.  I had to Google and head to Ebay for the remaining two items.  The middle one is a Hand Forged Wrought Iron Iron Blacksmith Tong.  Super heavy!  Now the bottom one took me a few to find it.  Can you guess?  Bill laughed at me when I suggested maybe it was used to carry fish?  *grin*  Do you know?  There are four hooks.  Three under and one that is on the top.  It is marked 52 E. Whitfield & Sons.  After researching for a few I found them on Ebay.  It is a cast iron hanging hook balance scale.  It is missing the weight that slides onto the right end to balance against. One hook attaches to a base at the top and the other 3 are used to hang the meat.  A far cry from using it to hang the fish you've caught huh?

All the tools (except the mortar and pestle) were bought for a dollar a piece.  Not bad. :)

I really wasn't going to pick up the Depression glass...really I wasn't!  Then....she bout you take it all for $3.  Sigh....and here it sits on my dining room table.   I wanted the silver soup spoons for my every day silverware.  I picked up a set of silver last summer and we use that for our every day silverware.  It was without soup spoons.

 The little handmade pillows I fell in love with.  Home they came with me.  I love the doily.  I pick them up whenever I find them for a good price.  I do not have the patience to make them.  I tried once and it ended up as a coaster for my glass. ;)  This one is large and was only $1.00.

This wicker hamper was in great condition.  It needs 3 little screws on one hing.  Other than that maybe just a fresh coat of white and it will look new. 

 Bill just shakes his head at me and asks....where are you planning on putting it?  Me? umm...I'm not sure...but I'll find a place!   *big smile* It's in the garage now...waiting on being spruced up with a fresh coat of paint.  Then....I need to find a place in a house that is already full.  Do you do that?  Find something and have no idea where it will go?

Doesn't she have pretty brass legs? I thought so too!

Are you still with me?  Good ;)

I loved this tray.   Perfect for Spring!

Tea anyone?  Bill loved the green gourd one, me the flowered one.  Actually I love both.  I loved the sweet little white pitcher also.

 Bill found the tarnished silver tray.  In my hands it went.  Bill found the wooden bowl.  In my hands it went.   I found the tarnished silver napkin holder.  In my hands it went.  I found the little pup on Ebay...first bid it was mine.  Yeah!

A glass plate...such pretty colors.  My photo sure does not do it justice.  It has Saxon China stamped on the back.   The bowl is a Pampered Chef Stoneware Baking Dish.  I LOVE this.  It cost me an entire dollar. :)  Now....this piece on the right.  We have no idea what it was. Nor did the lady having the garage sale.  Is it a strainer you use over a pot?  A splatter guard? A veggie steamer?  Have you a guess? 

Update:  My daughter called me after reading my post and informed me that tool above is a diffuser for a gas stove.  It adds a layer of protection between the burner and the bottom of your pan, yet it's perforations allow heat to get through.    Well now...what to use it for...I have an electric stove. ;)

And lastly (I'm sure your glad to see this is the last one.  I applaud you for staying with me.)  is this mirror.  It is one heavy mirror.  On each corner there is a residue, like someone had a sticker on it.  I've tried goo be gone on it.  No luck.  I'm thinking I'll just sand them smooth and give it a nice new coat of paint.

Well this is the extend of our last two weekends of sales.  Now back to my original question.....where do I put all these treasures?
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