Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Enjoying the Snow.....

As long as I'm inside the house with a hot cup of coffee and a nice warm slice of cinnamon bread I'm a happy camper.

It's having to go out and shovel the mess that makes me remember that I'd really rather live in a warm climate. ;)

Anyone for a picnic?  Pick your drift and get comfy. ;)

 The swing looks to be available. ;)

There is one in this family that absolutely loves this weather......

Fritz....our pup ;)

Stay warm!!


  1. oooh your bread looks fab! Can i have the recipe?

  2. Thank you! The recipe?'s Betty Crocker Cinnabon Cinnamon Streusel Premium Muffin & Quick Bread Mix bought at Walmart for $2 something. lol Mixed it up and made it into a quick bread. Recipe on back of box. :D

  3. Love your pics....yours are much prettier than mine!
    Stay warm and safe :)

  4. Hello! That is about what my deck looks like right now. And it's been snowing again all day today. Inside is the only place to be. Hope you have a warm weekend!

  5. What a beautiful winter wonderland and your bread looks divine!


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