Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Back in the olden days...

1926 - A photo of my Grandparents, Uncle and Mom as a baby.

I thought I'd share this little bit from my granddaughter, Lily, aged 6.

Her Mom (my daughter) calls me last night for my birthday.  She was telling me of their weekend of how they had visited a historical museum.  They enjoyed it.  Lily my granddaughter was full of questions.

My daughter saw her staring up a some photos very intrigued.  Lily turns to my daughter and asks....

"Did all people back in the old days have gray skin like that?"

LOL....My daughter explained that back then they had no colored film that that was just black and white film the photos were taken with.  Poor thing...I can just imagine how she thought everyone looked back then....with all that gray skin and all.. LOL  I'm still laughing every time I think of it. :)

Hope it brought a smile to your face too.  Have a great day. :)


  1. What a great story Kim!! I LOVE those old b&w photos and treasure the family ones I have :)

    Happy Brithday :)


  2. @ Gail - I love all the b&w ones I have of our family. I only wish that everyone had thought to put names and dates on them as there are so many really cool old ones I have that no one knows who they are.

    Thank you for the Birthday wishes! I'm thinking they come quicker every year. ;)

  3. I hear tvintage photos. To me back then they all looked sad or mad, but I know they weren't. We have an old family photo album and one day the boys were looking through it and they said boy Dad's family all looks mean LOL! Grea photo. I loved how they are dressed too. I think you are all right on the typewriter table. There is no option for another side, so I know it is not missing. I think it is a first original because of that number. I have been going crazy on google. Not another one like it.


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