Friday, March 2, 2012

Finally some snow!

And can melt. ;)  I would of been happy if it had just passed us here in New York altogether. ;)  It sure was a heavy wet snow.  We sure were not up to shoveling.  I had been down with the stomach flu for four days and Bill for a couple days.  But if we wanted to get out of our driveway we were shoveling.  Every year I talk about getting a snow blower and every year we don't.  Maybe next year. ;)  Here are a couple shots around the yard of what I hope is our first and last real accumulating snow of the winter.

With no snow on the limbs we are able to walk under these branches.


A little potted evergreen

The limbs are so heavy with snow they are laying on my Blazer.

Ground light

Our pup Fritz enjoying the snow in his winter garb. ;)

I hope you've all had a good week.  After the flu all week and then snow...this weekend has got to get better. ;)


  1. GREAT photos. Our last round of snow was wet and heavy and brought down branches from my favorite tree. Hope yours melts off quickly and wishing you feeling better soon :)


  2. Your yard looks beautiful! Hope you're feeling better.


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