Sunday, April 29, 2012

Now...where do I put all these treasures?

With the nicer weather comes garage and estate sales.  Yeah!  Bill (my partner in crime) and I went to a few these past couple weekends.  Now to fix up what I've bought and find a place to put everything.  I'm thinking I might need to add on. ;)

I hope you enjoy seeing what new treasures we've found.  Get yourself a Coke and sit back a spell as there are a few pictures. (sigh...garage/estate sale fever I'm afraid) ;)

I love the hand turned mortar and pestle.  They are heavy!  I couldn't resist the two wooden mallets.

 I loved this wooden level.  Even if one of the levels was missing I still wanted it.  I had to Google and head to Ebay for the remaining two items.  The middle one is a Hand Forged Wrought Iron Iron Blacksmith Tong.  Super heavy!  Now the bottom one took me a few to find it.  Can you guess?  Bill laughed at me when I suggested maybe it was used to carry fish?  *grin*  Do you know?  There are four hooks.  Three under and one that is on the top.  It is marked 52 E. Whitfield & Sons.  After researching for a few I found them on Ebay.  It is a cast iron hanging hook balance scale.  It is missing the weight that slides onto the right end to balance against. One hook attaches to a base at the top and the other 3 are used to hang the meat.  A far cry from using it to hang the fish you've caught huh?

All the tools (except the mortar and pestle) were bought for a dollar a piece.  Not bad. :)

I really wasn't going to pick up the Depression glass...really I wasn't!  Then....she bout you take it all for $3.  Sigh....and here it sits on my dining room table.   I wanted the silver soup spoons for my every day silverware.  I picked up a set of silver last summer and we use that for our every day silverware.  It was without soup spoons.

 The little handmade pillows I fell in love with.  Home they came with me.  I love the doily.  I pick them up whenever I find them for a good price.  I do not have the patience to make them.  I tried once and it ended up as a coaster for my glass. ;)  This one is large and was only $1.00.

This wicker hamper was in great condition.  It needs 3 little screws on one hing.  Other than that maybe just a fresh coat of white and it will look new. 

 Bill just shakes his head at me and asks....where are you planning on putting it?  Me? umm...I'm not sure...but I'll find a place!   *big smile* It's in the garage now...waiting on being spruced up with a fresh coat of paint.  Then....I need to find a place in a house that is already full.  Do you do that?  Find something and have no idea where it will go?

Doesn't she have pretty brass legs? I thought so too!

Are you still with me?  Good ;)

I loved this tray.   Perfect for Spring!

Tea anyone?  Bill loved the green gourd one, me the flowered one.  Actually I love both.  I loved the sweet little white pitcher also.

 Bill found the tarnished silver tray.  In my hands it went.  Bill found the wooden bowl.  In my hands it went.   I found the tarnished silver napkin holder.  In my hands it went.  I found the little pup on Ebay...first bid it was mine.  Yeah!

A glass plate...such pretty colors.  My photo sure does not do it justice.  It has Saxon China stamped on the back.   The bowl is a Pampered Chef Stoneware Baking Dish.  I LOVE this.  It cost me an entire dollar. :)  Now....this piece on the right.  We have no idea what it was. Nor did the lady having the garage sale.  Is it a strainer you use over a pot?  A splatter guard? A veggie steamer?  Have you a guess? 

Update:  My daughter called me after reading my post and informed me that tool above is a diffuser for a gas stove.  It adds a layer of protection between the burner and the bottom of your pan, yet it's perforations allow heat to get through.    Well now...what to use it for...I have an electric stove. ;)

And lastly (I'm sure your glad to see this is the last one.  I applaud you for staying with me.)  is this mirror.  It is one heavy mirror.  On each corner there is a residue, like someone had a sticker on it.  I've tried goo be gone on it.  No luck.  I'm thinking I'll just sand them smooth and give it a nice new coat of paint.

Well this is the extend of our last two weekends of sales.  Now back to my original question.....where do I put all these treasures?


  1. Oh my goodness. You found more in one day, than I'll find all summer. I guess that is the difference between the east coast and out here in a little desert town in the west. Our town has a tiny bit of history before the 1930's but very little. It took the building of Grand Coulee Dam and the water to irrigate the desert, before our area brought in pioneers. The tools you found are unheard of here. I have a dear love for the hunt of treasures and the re-purposing of old furniture. I feel honored to have found your blog and I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and garage sale finds. I'm your newest follower, and I would love to take this opportunity to invite you over to my blog for a visit and hopefully you will want to follow me, too. Have a wonderful weekend, Connie :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Connie! I love guests. I stopped over your way a few minutes ago. Love your blog also. :) Have a great weekend!


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