Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Flowers and Books Galore!!

Flowers awaiting planting. They wrap around out of sight!
I went to Lowe's a little over a week ago looking for a few flowers to replace some flowers in my window box that didn't quite make the high heat we had a few weeks ago.    I walk up to the clearance carts.  You know..the huge blue three tiered carts they usually have marked 1/2 off.  I love me a clearance. :)  So the first cart I walk up to I go to pick a flower off it and this lady says..."That's my cart!"  I asked..."The entire cart?"  She told me it was.  Off I go to the next cart, only to be told by a man next to it it was HIS cart.  Ok...I'm thinking this was strange as they are HUGE carts of flowers.  So I went to another cart....no one told me it was theirs. :)  So I pick a flower package out that I wanted off it.  A Lowe's employee comes up to me. (I thought maybe it was HIS cart..lol) and says...."I'll sell you the entire cart for $5.00"  I couldn't believe $5.00!!  I loaded it up and went up to check out.  I sure was glad I had an empty Blazer or I would of never fit these in.  Once up to the check out counter I learned they had to ring each one up individually so it would come off their inventory.  Ewwww...that was a lot of ringing up!!  I kept watching the register $100... $200... $300.... $400.... $480...boy was I starting to sweat, I was sure hoping the Lowe's guy that offered me the flowers for $5 knew what he was talking about.  The cashier then adjusted my balance and announced my total was $5.40!  I had so many flowers to plant now!  Needless to say I've been planting my behind off.  ;)  Here are just a couple planting.  I still need to get some mulch for the beds but I am tuckered out right now. ;)  

This bed is right in front of the veggie garden.  My poor yard got tore up a bit putting in the stone edging.  But's that's another project for later. ;) 
This little cart we picked up along side the road during Citywide Spring Cleanup.  It needed a couple nails in the handle and it was ready to be planted.   I love free! :)

I can't wait til all the flowers start filling out and really look beautiful.

The weekend after I got the flowers we are headed out to go grocery shopping.  I see a garage sale with boxes.  I'm betting they have books.  Bill is such a huge reader it's hard keeping him in books. And he refuses to go to the library.  He like to 'own' the books..sigh.  Soooo we stop at the sale and walk up.  The man doing the sale says...All books are free.   FREE?!?!?! ;)  Oh boy....soooooooo this was my dining room table for a day.  They have since found homes...well kinda..but they are off my table. ;)  I did end up slipping the man some $ as I didn't feel right taking all these books for nothing.  He kept saying no as we were doing him a favor as he didn't need to haul them all back inside.  We picked up 189 books!  Hopefully Bill makes them last for a while. ;)

I hope your all enjoying your summer!


  1. A delightful post -- what a deal on those flowers -- lucky you! And lucky Bill on the books :)


    1. Thank you Gail for stopping by! I kind of felt like I had won the lottery with all the flowers I got. ;) And Bill is in heaven. ;)

  2. Wow...you have really been lucky lately! I was at our Walmart and they had a cart of really almost dead plants...not sure they could be saved even with a lot of love. I asked the guy how much...he wouldn't sell them to me, said he was going to throw them away. I asked if I could just have them if they were going in the trash and he wouldn't sell them...NO! Isn't that crazy? We are so hot and dry right now that our yard looks like straw. We are watering the plants (the water bill was sky high) and so far have saved most of them. We need rain!

    1. Dang that is crazy! You would of thought they would of been glad you hauled them away for them. I have been in fear of going back to Lowe's....I KNOW if they offered those flowers again to me for $5 I would struggle with saying no. And my yard is full now. ;) Well....unless maybe they offered me perennials..these were all but one annuals. lol I'm hoping for some more rain (we had a touch yesterday) We need a good long soaking. Here's hoping we both get some rain. :)


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