Friday, December 10, 2010

A new Christmas treasure...

Bill found this piano book at an estate sale we went to a couple weekends ago.   It's perfect sitting on the piano this Christmas.    I just love it.

I am still plugging away at getting my holiday decorations up.  I worked on the fireplace for a while yesterday.  This is below the top of the mantel.    The top isn't done yet as I need Bill to bring up some boxes from the basement this weekend that have what I'm putting on top.  But so far she's looking pretty festive. :)

I am thoroughly enjoying looking through everyone's blogs out here.  Collecting ideas from every one I've read.  ;) 

҉  ~ Happy Holidays!! ~  ҉  ~


  1. I find that blogs give me more ideas than I have time, talent or house! I have so many ideas saved that I want to try...sometime! Your fireplace is looking pretty!

  2. I love that piano book. I would have bought that even though I don't play a note.

  3. Love, love the cool music book.....I am a vintage Christmas decoration hog! I keep bringing them home and hubby just looks at me and shakes his!

  4. Catching up a bit here Kim! Your mantle is gorgeous and that piano book is wonderful...I just love the graphics! Some years I get more done in the decorating department than others....this was a not so much year. I made peace with that...that is the 50 yaer old me....a younger me would have made myself a nut trying to do it all.....aging is a fine thing!

    Wishing you and yours a BLESSED CHRISTmas!



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