Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Trying to get in the Spirit.....

This holiday season is slow to come this year in our home.  Usually by now our home is fully Christmastized.  This year not so much.  With Mom passing in May and Bill's Mom just one month ago I'm finding it harder to get myself in the mood.  Oh we went out shopping for outside decorations and dropped a load of $ and put them up and they look nice.   I figured it would be hard this Christmas.    Bill is not one for showing much emotion when it comes to death..he is a you deal with it and go on kinda guy.  I try to be...but sometimes.....when a certain song comes on the radio or you see something or taste something of the season...well it's hard.  Being away from all my family during the holidays has always been hard.  I moved to NY 8 years ago and haven't made it home yet for one holiday.  Well thanks for listening to me ramble.  

Here's a couple photos so far of our holiday.  I haven't really even started my inside decorations.

Our front door wreath.

A little lighted tree from Lowe's.  We also have two flanking our front door.  It is in a weighted pot.  The only thing I added was the bow on the top.  This photo turned out a bit dark.  Sorry about that.  I'd show more of my photos from outside...but well they look just plain horrible..haha.  Not sure why  but maybe I'll get some better ones later.

This is the centerpiece I picked up at Lowe's for our dining room table.  Sitting on one of my many vintage tablecloths that I just won on Ebay. 

I had the day off work unexpectedly yesterday as both of the children I sit for were home with the flu.  So I started some holiday baking.  Bill has quite the list still he'd like to see me make. ;)

I hope all your holiday decorating and baking are coming along!  I love reading everyone's blogs out here and viewing all your gorgeous photos! :)


  1. Kim...Sorry for the losses your family has faced this year. This is a hard holiday season for our family too. A former boyfriend/close friend of my youngest daughter took his life a couple of weeks ago and that has left us all not wanting to do too much celebrating. That said though, I plan to dig in and get to some of the decorating and baking this week. So far, I have a small arrangement on the dining table and a few other things scattered around the dining room. I've also shopped for the baking ingredients I needed and have made a list of what I plan to make. All steps forward :)

    Your goodies look wonderful! Take gentle care and do only what you are up to.

    CHRISTmas Blessings!

  2. Kim.....I so get where your at this holiday season...my mom passed 10 yrs ago right before Christmas and the holidays have never been the same since....we moved away from our family 7yrs ago, about the same time our kids left home and it is so hard this time of year....for the first time in years, none of the kids will be coming for Christmas, hubby and I are trying to make the best of the holiday season and try new things.
    Hang in there....Niece


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