Friday, January 7, 2011

Lene's Web - - Oh the buried treasures to be found here!

I haven't had a chance lately with the holidays and all to go out and find many treasures so I thought I would share with you my favorite place to visit when I go home to Ohio to visit my family.

On my visits back to Ohio my daughters have started taking me to one of their favorite out of the way places,  Lene's Web , 11313 W Elmore Eastern Rd, Oak Harbor, OH 43449  

I could spend all day there just digging and looking for treasures. When I asked if I could snap some photos of her place she said she was honored that I would even ask.  She is just the nicest person you'd ever want to meet.

I've been looking through the photos I took.  I missed a whole section of beautiful beautiful glassware she has.  I can't believe I missed that section.  I'll just have to do an update when I return home for a visit and a trip to Lene's Web. ;)

Here the photos that I did snap while there.  After looking through these I am wondering why I didn't snap so many more.  There is so much cool stuff there and I only mainly grabbed snaps of some of the isles.  If you love 'stuff'  you'd love roaming and digging around with me and my girls at Lene's Web. :)

Walking up to the main building:

There is also a barn to the right of all this with MORE in it. ;)

Once inside the main building.....

I sooooo wanted the stove...but how to carry it on a train? ;)

One of the things my daughter bought was this cool old bowl.  When looking down at it it appears to have been slightly squished before the firing.  It' not an oblong by purpose.  Such a cool old bowl.  I tried to talk her out of but was a no go. :)

My purchases.  I had to go small as the last time I went home I ended up carrying huge things back with me in my carry on bag on the train, it was

Such a fun time....I CAN'T wait to go again. :)  Maybe next time I'll have to use FedEx or UPS to ship my treasures home. ;)

Thanks for taking the time to look through the many photos I took.  You know just looking through the photos again I find so many things that I  'should' of bought. ;)


  1. wonder you love going to is wonderful!! Love your gadgets :)


  2. What a cool place.....looks like soooo much fun! Where is oak Harbor, any big towns near bye?

  3. Boy could i get lost in that shop!
    Loveeeeeeeeeeeee it!
    Thanks for your visit to my blog today
    and for your comments on my counter top!
    Another blogger is painting hers today
    since seeing my far she seems
    happy... it's three weeks now and I'm using
    them like before and no stains or scratches..

    So far I'm not sorry!
    Good luck..

  4. Your all right it is sooooo much fun there. I could stay there for hours and never see everything.
    Niece...I think the 'biggest' town near would be Toledo which is about 31 miles west of there. We usually go from Fremont which is only about 11 miles from there.

  5. Such a fun store, I could spend a lot of time in there I'm sure! Thanks for your kind comment on chair redo, I really appreciate it.

  6. Oh many things, you know there are good treasures in there. I get a bit nuts in places like that. I almost can't see anything because I'm seeing so much!

  7. What amazing treasures in the store....

  8. Hi Kim, you may also want to change your profile email setting, that we can email you through your comment left on a blog, that is a big one out here too. Not sure what you meant about the spam...blogger is blocking it, so I have had no problems. You or your blog is NOT boring. This takes time girl, patience and a lot of hard work on your part if you want an active blog. I am doing that newbie party in a couple of weeks, that will get you some new followers that you will have things in common with too. Keep on doing what you enjoy, this is a great hobby regardless....put yourself out there, and comment comment comment on other blogs that look of interest to you. People notice all who comments too, which means they will want a visit because they know you will comment..if that makes sense. Stay tuned for more on my blog, I have three big bloggers that are going to chat it up soon.

  9. What a great place! How were the prices? I think I could spend hours there...and that stove is amazing! I want to visit- I'm in Ohio : ) Off to google map the route. PS I've enjoyed visiting your blog. I'm a follower now and looking forward to reading more. Have a nice weekend!


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