Sunday, January 23, 2011


Hurry up and get here!  It's cold here today!  It's 6 out now and they are calling for it to get -15 tonight with wind chills around -25.  I'm tired of this winter.  Snow...cold...snow...cold...the weatherman sounds like a broken record. ;)

Have a 'warm' weekend my blog friends. :)

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  1. I am so in agreement this winter! We have had so much snow this year and it just keeps coming. I did talk to my sweet son who lives in Minnesota yesterday and they had a day last week that the HIGH was -27°F. What happened to global warming, lol :)

    Keep Warm Kim!


  2. Oh my...-27? ewwwwwww I think I'm liking our single digits ABOVE zero. ;) I agree it just keeps coming. They're talking about another big storm this next week. I hope they are wrong. ;)

    Stay warm too! :)

    ~ Kim

  3. I am so with you.....Hurry Up Spring! Morning barn chores are not much fun right now.....but I won't complain toooooo much right now, as we aren't as cold as you guys!

  4. It really does seem like a broken record this winter. It seems that every other day we have a "snow event" as they like to call it. My lack of sunshine blues are really hitting me in full force!


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