Friday, July 22, 2011

An Estate Sale? *Perk*

I was in the middle of cleaning out kitchen cupboards today feeling very much like a hoarder as I looked around my kitchen disaster I had created.  How could just a couple emptied cupboards fill my kitchen? 

Well about this time Bill walked in on his lunch hour from work.  He expressed surprise that I was even at home and not at the Estate sale that was going on one street over, not even a 1/2 a block away! 

I looked at my mess in the kitchen that I had created thinking I reallllly didn't need to go to that Estate sale.   But did that stop me? Nope. ;)  Off I ran to throw on a set of clean clothes, fixed my hair, threw on some makeup and I was ready to run off to the sale. lol  

Whew it was HOT!!  In the 90's with high humidity.  It felt like I breathing in pudding just stepping out the door.  Once at the sale inside the house it felt even hotter.  The upstairs of the home was so hot!  There was not a lot of organization to the upstairs rooms.  There was only two rooms that looked to be storage areas.  I sorted through a couple boxes and with sweat dripping down my face I decided I had found all I was going to for the day.  Visions of this past Sunday and me having heat exhaustion kept flashing before me...and I really didn't want a repeat there.

So here are a few of my finds from today and a couple from a couple garage sales AND my find on the way home today.  I love a freebie curbside treasure. ;)

This little chair was so cute I couldn't leave it behind.  And for only $3 how could I? :)  It is a very solid heavy little child's chair.

 This is Coalport bone china.  Such a cute small display of flowers.

 I love love love this Denton China flower arrangement.  I have found several similar online but none that match this one with the tulips.

Fire King Glass Custard Dessert Cups

This was a grab bag box.  I had saw the two dogs on top.   There ended up being a few miniatures in it.  The shears actually open and close.  How cute. :)  In the front is a little brass tea pot w/removable lid.  Very cute little miniatures. :)

All in all I only spent $16 at the sale today and think I did very well.  Considering some of the prices I've seen online for the Denton china. :)

I purchased this sewing cabinet at a garage sale a couple weeks ago.  It folds together for easy storage.   I need to get it filled now.  I love the jars that I can put my buttons in. :)

I also picked up this footed basket.  I love it.  It had pink something all over the top of it.  It looked like maybe lipstick or something.  Magic sponge to the rescue.  Cleaned up that top right away.  The lady I bought this off of was a bit sad to see it go.  It was used for her daughter's first toy box.  They were both sitting on the steps saying goodbye to a memory.  The daughter looked to be around 16-17.  I love when I have a story behind the things I buy.

Now driving home from the Estate sale I spot this..........

Tires squeal to a stop... I back up...jump out...and find out this is one heavy.....chest. :)  I grunted and groaned and finally got it to where I could slide it into the back of my truck.  It prob is about 3' x 3' and heavy!   I was so tickled when I got it home and started opening the drawers.  Each drawer is divided off and several drawers are different.

I'm thinking maybe new storage for all my napkin rings and things I've collected for my table.  Or maybe something entirely different.  I'm not sure yet. :)  But I am sure of one's got to get a whole lot cooler out in that garage before I start any project. ;)

I hope you all have a cooooool weekend!!   :)

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  1. found good stuff. I love the tulip bouquet. It is too hot here to even consider going to garage sales (at least for me). I think it is a good thing because I certainly don't need anything right now. I need to have a sale of my own when the weather cools off!


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