Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Random Musing...

I've decided that I MUST have good taste as everything I bid on on eBay someone else wants also!  ;)


  1. That is why I rarely ever buy from ebay. Just when I think I have it someone swoops in and buys it out from under me.

  2. I know! I find if I really want it I have to sit on it right until the end. I'd much rather estate sale...garage sale etc. But I don't get out much to do that. I can only drag Bill so many times with me and I hate going alone.

  3. Hi Kim!!

    I'm not too familiar with selling or buying on ebay...I don't think I need to spend any more time on the computer! lol!! I wish you lots of luck though. I also wanted to say that I am sorry about your granddaughter and the recent passing of your mother...sounds like you have had it rough.


  4. Thank you Jane. It sure has been a trying year for our family that's for sure.

    I've never sold anything on eBay. I've just recently worked up the nerve to bid out there. I've been stuck out there in vintage tablecloth land. ;)

  5. You are stroking my ego big time. My head may explode ha. I love thrifting. but I have to go alone. I hear my husband signing behind me because I am taking to long in his eyes. I give him the eyeball and he say no no no take all the time you want."ok then stop breating loud." : )


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