Sunday, October 17, 2010


Yesterday we were planning dinner theater.  Dinner theater as Bill has coined it is watching a movie while eating. ;)  Well I had my bread made already (see blog below this)  Bill's steak was ready to go on the grill...I had decided not to have steak but have chicken wings (one of my favs!).  He was having homemade french fries and I acorn squash.  I had thought about dessert and was just too plain lazy to make it! ;)

I was cleaning up the kitchen a bit as so not to have so many dishes after dinner.  I'm standing at the sink doing dishes watching out my window and up pulls this van.  The side said Mallozzi.  I'm thinking..who's Mallozzi?  Then this man comes out with a box...a rather large white fat square box.  Oh what could it be?!? Knowing it was my birthday the next day (today!) I figured it was for me and I ran outside to meet the gentleman with the big box.   He handed it to me with huge smiles and left.  Ohhh it was a BIRTHDAY CAKE!  Oh yummy!!!!  One look at the top and I knew it was from my baby sis.  What a thoughtful sis I have!  She lives out of state and had ordered me a birthday cake.   I called her to thank her...she says "Everyone deserves a birthday cake!" Awww I just love my baby sis to death.  She even talked them into delivering to me....they don't deliver!  Except for  big occasions, ie weddings, etc - just usually not for the regular stuff.

This is my beautiful slap 5 lbs on each thigh birthday cake!    I'd show top of the cake, but she is a very private person out here and it lists their names on the cake along with mine so I'll just show you my yummy to die, for rich as you'll ever taste birthday cake.  It's a three layer carrot cake with creme cheese filling between the layers frost on the outside with butter creme frosting.  We had our dessert!  

 Aren't these flowers so pretty!  I love the color!

This is the inside.  The filling was the creamiest and the cake the moistest!

Villa Italia 
The cake was made by the Villia Italia Bakery here in Schenectady, New York. (Click on photo to check out their yummy site)

So stop over for coffee and cake  I have plenty!  We barely made a dent in this 10" cake.  

One more big thank you to my sis for making this a very special birthday!!! 


  1. Oh, Kim...that cake looks devine!! I'm happy to bring the coffee :)

    Happy Birthday11


  2. It is delicious! It might look a bit messy cut..but it sure was good. ;)

    Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes.

    Have a wonderful Sunday. :)

  3. I hope you had a great birthday! I think women tend to bake cakes for others and after we leave home, no one bakes a birthday cake for us! That was a wonderful surprise for you and it looks so good!

  4. Wow, that looks so good and what a sweet sister indeed. Happy birthday!


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