Saturday, October 2, 2010

Up and out to an Estate sale we went!

The lady that lived right behind us had passed away before we even moved to this house.  That has been about 6 years that we've been here.   Her granddaughter has been keeping the place up.  But no one has lived there in all the time we've been here.  It's been years and years since anyone lived there.  They are now going to rent out the house.  They needed to sell what was in there due to it being rented unfurnished.  I've been waiting for something to happen there since I knew it must be filled with old furniture. (I love old!)  Had she still been living she would now probably be well into her 100's.  She was already in her 100's when she died.   This morning I awoke to cars lining the street.  Oh no...I've missed it being in the paper!  And there were NO signs in the yard to show what was going to be going on there.  Up I flew and got dressed...and dragged Bill out of bed to go with me.

We've been wanting something to store our china...crystal etc in.  Well they had a china cabinet (which I had been spying through the window when we would take Fritz (our rescue dog) on a walk.)  They also had a side board.  I was thinking maybe the side board...soooo I asked how much for it.  They didn't want to split it up they wanted to sell the side board, china cabinet and the matching table and chairs (6) as a set.  Well thinking it would be well above what I had in my pocket I asked how much for all.  She said $300 for all.  I thought the side board alone would be more than that.  Soooooo I bought me the set!  I just love it.   Here are the pictures I took of it after we got it situated in the dining room.  I need to locate all my goodies to put into it as I have a lot packed away in the basement.  I am pleased as punch with it. :)

I just stuck some glasses in for now until I can locate all my purdies. ;)

I  love the hardware on everything...this is the hardware:

We also picked up other things that we wanted there.  When I asked how much for what we had loaded into boxes she just said the price of the other for the table etc was enough for all of it. YAY!

Here are the extra goodies:

I also got a few other things...and a large handful of probably 10 handmade doilies.

I also decided to get two rockers they had.  She had me name a price for them..  I gave her $20 each for them.  These are soooo comfy.  Here is a pic of one of them.  They are identical rockers.  Now just to find a place for them!

Well this is how we spent that morning and afternoon and early evening.  Cleaning up and trying to find a place for everything.  Mind you our dining room was full of things prior to buying any of this! :)


  1. $300!!!! What a super bargain. That would have been in the thousands at an antique store. You scored big time. I saw that you are following me and just wanted to say hi and thanks.

  2. I am your first follower! Welcome to blogging and you will love it. I just started back at the end of January. Leave lots of comments and link to parties and you will get your blog out there.

  3. Thank you Kim! We share the same first name too! Thank you for being my first follower. Bear with me as this is all new to me. Thank you so much for your tips! :) I was so excited on getting that set for $300 and the rest of the treasures for nothing...well except for the chairs..but they were a steal too. ;)

  4. What great buys!! I love the dining room set and those rockers (rockers are a weakness of mine) are awesome!! Lucky, lucky girl :)


  5. Yes I do believe we will become fast friends ;) I love rockers. I've lost some in my moves but for a while there I was running out of room to put I'm still shocked how much I got the set for and that she threw in everything else for nothing ..except the rockers.


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