Saturday, October 9, 2010

Our last diversion...

Well we were on our way to go get groceries.  As we were almost to the store we saw an Estate sale sign.  Being me.....I whip onto the road just KNOWING I NEEDED something there.  Of course, being me, I found things I could not live without. *grin*

Here are most of the things I came home with.  Now....just to find a place for them! LOL
I think there was 16 qt jars and a couple small pint jars.  I just love the old jars.  I won't be using them to can but I do love storing my kitchen dry goods in them.  I'm thinking the $5 for all was a good price.


I've put one to use already.  It's storing my candy corn this holiday season!

An old shaving cup and brush.  I've always wanted one of these...why? Not sure..but it sure is cute and now resides in my bathroom.
A couple old wooden boxes.  I just love these. :)  I'm still tossing up ideas with these.  They may hang in my kitchen with some of my collectables living in them.

A tall old oil lamp.  I fell in love with this.  I had purchased all my treasures.  Looked at this and left to get in my truck....and ran back in to get this.  I knew that if I didn't get it I'd lay in bed and wish I had gotten it. ;)

An old milk can...perfect for holding my mums in out on the porch.  I just got some pumpkins to sit with it.  I'm not sure what else...but it needs to have company.   I'm not sure what we are going to do with this.  The top has been painted black the bottom is just rusty.  I love the rust, Bill would like to paint it.  We'll see.

 I love picking up old books.  I have a small collection of books.  Okay...I confess...we have enough to fill a small library. ;)  But we both love books and reading.  Bill found this 1st edition book and knew I'd just love it.  He was right.

We love to decorate for Christmas.  We had to have this.  I thought this was the cutest little planter.  It's made by Inarco.

I guess I'll have no excuse for not making cutouts this year. ;) A whole variety of copper cookie cutters.

Quite a variety of kitchen utensils, etc.  I just love 'old' kitchen things. I am always collecting kitchen gadgets.  Now just to figure out how to display what I've collected!

And finally...This is a Triomphe 3L jar made in France.  That was destined to hold my popcorn kernels.  That was changed once I got home and our rice went in it.  It was perfect for our rice. :)

We then left to go shopping.  I kept thinking of the blue dinnerware that I had spied in one of the rooms.  Sooooooo on the way home we stopped.  I told Bill if it was still there it was meant to be mine...if not oh well.  Sounded was still there. ;)

Blue Willow, Churchhill Dinnerware, Made in England.   I just love it and plan on finding more pieces to go with it on my travels. :)  It's service for twelve.  Between the plates there was an Open Stock Order form with the web address (Heritage Mint) for ordering. I could go out and check the prices.  I went out there....I'm thinking I got a really good deal. ;)

If you've gotten this far I thank you for sifting through all my treasures.   There's nothing like the feel of a good deal! :)


  1. did good! Love it all!

  2. What wonderful finds!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Fabulous finds Kim. I am very attracted to jars and tend to pick them up when I see them. You got a great deal on those bailed jars. Oh, and I can just see your copper cutters diplayed in a jar. I love the transferware dishes and the oil lamp (I have collections of both those too, lol). Thanks for coming to visit me :)


  4. Well now that is my kind of shopping. Love it all. I have some of those cookie cutters and have used them on a wreath that I laid on a table for a handle ring. I just held them on with plaid ribbon. Thanks for visiting my blog and your comment as you know it is so fun getting comments.

  5. Wow oh wow! You hit the jackpot with this sale. Lots of great stuff. And that blue dinnerware is so me! Love it! Hope you are having a great weekend. :) Tammy

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I loovvee the stuff you got at your estate sale. I know that feeling when you know there will be something there that you absolutely have to have!

  7. I think you got some GREAT deals. Those mason jars sell for over $12 a piece in antique stores here. All those for five is amazing. I am sure the dishes are expensive, too.

  8. I would of been here a bit sooner but my granddaughter (3 yrs old) was involved in a horrific car accident yesterday. Her grandmother and grandfather in the front seat were killed. Three kids in the backseat, one my granddaughter. She has a broken ankle, a concussion (she was knocked out when help got there) and had internal bleeding which they believe has stopped. One other child with no injuries (sat in the middle) and the other little boy just had surgery on a severely broken femur. :( I hate being hundreds of miles from them.

    Thank you all for the comments. I love reading them. :) they sell for a lot there! I only paid $15 for the dishes. ;)

  9. Oh my goodness, you really got a lot of great things. The dishes are wonderful and I think you got a wonderful buy on the jars. You must have had the best time!


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